My name, on here anyway, is Sokorra. I’ve been condensing my online stuff together recently so you may have visited this page before and saw it quite different then it is today. My fanfiction will not be held on this site at this time, but perhaps in the future. My original writings might get showcased in snipits.

For those of you who visited this when it was just a blog, for the most part this is what will remain. I plan (hopefully) to update more regularly. One thing the corona virus was good for was giving me time to write and plan stuff for the blog.

For anyone new to this website, here is a little about me. Sokorra has been my pen name since was in middle school, given by a friend. I liked the name, but totally mispelled it but stuck it as it was. I’m currently a thirty-something graphic designer by degree and cashier by occupation.

I like to write, practice my photography and various other art mediums though in recent years my art has been somewhat on the backburner. I also love to read. This blog will contain a lot of book reviews and writing. I’m also an ameuter historian (AKA a history nerd) who likes to write about it. So expect that as well. Most recently I have started a full franchise rewatch of Star Trek, starting with the Original series and ending with the Alternate Universe movies starring Chris Pine.

You can contact me by leaving a comment on a post, or find me on Twitter (I’m Sokorra there too!) I take suggestions for topics of posts, and suggestions for prompts for Writing Wednesday, a periodic writing exercise I do.

Thanks for visiting!

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