Thank you for taking your time to visit my site/blog and learning a bit more about me. Sokorra Lewis has been my pen name as a fanfiction writer since I was in my early teens (and yes, sadly, there are still examples of my writing from back then. It was not good). I have taken this name to be my online name. Its actually a mispelling of Sakura (japanese for cherry blossom I’ve been told) which I didn’t know till much later and by then the spelling I had stuck. Its pronounced Sa-kore-rah for my pen name purposes.

I’m an ameutar writer, fandom enthusiast and historian. I went to school for graphic design but because of one thing or another I haven’t yet broken into that career path. Till then I work as a retail clerk. I am also an artist. But lets take these one at a time.


The majority of my work so far has been fanfiction, which I publish online with no intents of anyone making money off of. Its fun, and I hope others enjoy these forays into alternate paths as I do. I have written original fiction, but nothing complete other then a few short stories I did in high school which need a heavy hand with the editing brush before I’ll admit to them. I hope one day to at least finish one book and publish it.

I also read alot, and attempt to do reviews on the books I read. If you have a suggestion, feel free to send me a message here or on Twitter and I’ll see about adding it to my list. You can find out more about my book reviews on the bookit page.


When I went to college I applied for a History Minor (although I am not entirely sure they actually gave that to me. I might have to check that because I did finish it). Most of my coursework was in early American history, so thats where I feel I have the most know how, but I’m always eager to learn more. You’ll find that I write various essays and post them on this website. Most of the resources I use are internet based (though I use several sources to confirm facts) but I am trying to include more book and scholorship in my research going forward so I look foward to posting about.


My current forays into art are mostly offline because I haven’t felt confident in my abilities for quite a while. I am trying to rebuild my confidence and the skills I let rust so hopefully one day I’ll feel good about sharing my design work as well as the photography, prints and paintings I do.

You can contact me by leaving a comment on a post, or find me on Twitter and/or Tumblr (I’m Sokorra there too!) I take suggestions for topics of posts, and suggestions for prompts for Writing Wednesday, a periodic writing exercise I do. I also am encorging on comments. If you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment. I tend to try comments sent to me unless I’m asked not to, or I feel its inappropriate in some manner. I don’t tolerate sexism, racism, or hate language. I’ve never had to deny a comment yet (other then spam) but given the current enviroment here in the interwebs, I wanted to iterate that I don’t tolerate it.

I, myself, am always trying to improve that way I view these topics both in understanding and changing problematic behavior. I would hope I never make anyone feel excluded but I’m not a perfect person.

Thanks for visiting!

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