The Trek Rewatch

Once upon a time, I decided to watch the entire franchise of Star Trek. I wrote it on a now gone blogging site and never managed to finish it.

So since I’m home bound during CoVid19, I’ve decided to start a new. I will be watching the whole franchise bar Discovery and Picard. The previous attempt was in inverse order, so this time I’m going with Airdate order. Honestly the only difference will be when I watch Enterprise.

Since I had to get CBS All Access to watch the Animated Series, I decided I will continue this into the new programing.

On this page you can find links to pages that contain the individual episode reviews. This is to organize it better and not have the longest list ever. My episode reviews are going to half summery, half random commentary that occurs to me as I watch. Some are more critically analysed then others. If you want to add your thoughts to the conversation, feel free in the comments.

So come join me as I explore new worlds and new civilizations with Starfleet.

The Original series (1967-1969) [79 episodes, Complete]

The Animated series (1973-1974) [22 episodes, Complete – One review]

The TOS films (1979-1991) [6 films, Current]

The Next Generation (1987-1994) [176 episodes, Current]

TNG Films (1994-2002)

Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

Voyager (1995-2001)

Enterprise (2001-2005)

Kelvin Timeline (2009 – ?)

Discovery (2017- ?)

Picard (2020-?)

Lower Decks (2020 -?)

Short Treks (2018-?)

Resources used for information

The Star Trek List – A list of airdates of the franchise. I use this to guide my rewatch, particularly when the shows begin to overlap each other.

Memory Alpha – A Star Trek focused wiki. This website holds a wealth of information from across all the franchise, including books and comics. Memory Beta focuses more on the books and comics while Alpha stays more to what is televised or stated as definite canon.

Wikipedia – This is a great source of scripts from the series.

Various books and scripts that have been published about the series.