TV Review: Andromeda 1×01

A friend of mine in my writing group got me interested in this TV show that aired in 2000, and I decided to watch and review it as I go, especially as Orville is going to be done soon (review wise, it already aired its finale) so I’ll need another TV show to post about while we are in the hiatus til season 3. Still a Sci-fi/Fantasy show.

 Episode Title:  Under the Night 
Original Airdate: October 2, 2000 (watched 2019 via Prime)
Grade: B
Notable Guest Stars/Directors:

Since this is the first episode, I’m going to include the main cast in the Notable section

Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt)-  I honestly have never really seen anything he is in except maybe an episode of Xena when I was younger, but I did know who he was before watching.  His big claim to fame is playing Hercules on the show of the same name.

Lisa Ryder (Beka Valentine) – I am not as familar with Ms. Ryder’s work as other actors in this series.  She appears as a regular character on the 1996 series Forever Knight, as well as a few other Canadian programs.

Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr Anasazi)-  Mr. Cobb’s filmography is oddly short, with his last IMDB credit being in 2007.  I knew him From the Young and The Restless (oddly enough, he had that role after his role on Andromeda)

Gordon Michael Woolvett (Seamus Harper) –  He was on the recently canceled iZombie (a show on my list of things to watch).  I don’t know much about the other items on his filmography

Brent Strait (Rev Bem) – He seems to appear on various shows I am familar with  (no doubt with less makeup).  However I don’t recognize him so I may have missed those episodes.

Lexa Doig (Andromeda/Rommie) –  Lexa was the main draw to this series (along with it being a Gene Roddenberry show) as I had first seen her as Dr. Carolyn Lam on Stargate SG-1.  

Steve Bacic (Gaheris Rhade) –  He has appeared on several TV shows I watch, including as a Gaould on Stargate SG-1 and as the Dark Archer in Smallville.  He plays a recurring character, but will appear as a regular (but different) character later in the series

Notable Quotes:

Seamus Harper: I’m telling you, the guy is huge. He’s like some kind of Greek god or something. 


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