The Rewatch 120: Up The Long Ladder

Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Episode: 2.18  Up The Long Ladder (5-22-89)
Rating:  3/5
Redshirt Status: 0/18.5/21.5

Notable Guest Stars:
Rosalyn Landor (Brenna) – Landor does mostly voice acting in recent years, but she did appear in several TV shows during the 1980s, and appeared in the 1990 film Bad Influence, which I’ve not seen but includes Rob Lowe and James Spader.
Barrie Ingham (Danilo)- Ingham was prolific television actor and a long career. He was in The Great Mouse Detective, which I haven’t watched in years. Should probably change that.
Jon De Vries (Wilson & Victor Granger) DeVries has appears as a guest star on many television shows over the years, most recently The Black list and Elementary. He also had a part in the film Sarah, Plain and Tall. A film I loved as a kid, and really should watch again (It stars Glenn Close and Christopher Walken and remains my favorite film of both)


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