The Rewatch 107: The Outrageous Okona

Series: Star Trek The Next Generation
Episode: 2.04 The Outrageous Okona (12-12-88)
Rating:   3.5/5
Redshirt Status: 0/0/3

Notable Guest Stars:
William O. Campbell (Billy Campbell) – Thadiun Okona.  Other roles include Luke Fuller on Dynasty and in the 1991 Disney film Rocketeer.
Douglas Rowe – Debin. He appeared on several TV shows, including E.R.
Rosalind Ingledew – Yanar.  She played on seaQuest DSV as Dr. Wendy Smith.
Kieran Mulroney– Benzan.  He is the younger brother of Dermot Mulroney.  This will not be his last appearance on Star Trek.
Joe Piscoop – The Comic.  He was a comedian often working with SNL.
Teri Hatcher – B.G. Robinson/Transporter Chief.  Yes, Lois Lane was the Transporter chief.


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Bookit Review: The Girl I Used to Know

Title:  The Girl I used to know
Bookit #11
Author: Faith Hogan
Release Date:  2017
Medium: Kindle Unlimited Ebook

I found this book on the Kindle Unlimited service while looking for something different to read.  This book actually was better than I anticipated.  For one thing, the romance of the book was minor and almost a background story point. THe main focus on the story is the two main characters whose POV switches back and forth.

Amanda King is a forty-something mother of two who has suppressed her dreams to help her husband get ahead in his career.  Throughout the book she is forced to see how little of herself remained after all these years, and start to live on her own terms again.

Tess Cuffe,  a sixty something women who lives in Amanda’s basement has her own issues.  She had a falling out with her sister forty years before and never really allowed herself to get over it.  She is forced to reevaluate her life as well. 

This story is as much about friendship then any romance.  It has a happy ending for both Amanda and Tess, but its focused on them, and not their romances.  It’s a good story, although sometimes I felt the sentences were a little stagnant.  I definitely recommend this book and gave it a B+

The only issue I had with this book is that Richard and Douglas both made me want to throw my kindle.  Particularly Douglas and his “a girl like Tess.”.  He leads Tess on, and then blames her for everything and convinces her sister of the same.  Richard is a little easier to handle, though the way he tries to manipulate Amanda into what he wanted in a wife also is hard to take at times.