The Rewatch 157: Reunion

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 4.07 Reunion (11/05/1990)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/0/33

Notable Guest Stars:

Suzie Plakson (K’Ehleyr) – Plakson has appeared before on TNG as a vulcan medical officer and once before as K’Ehleyr. She’ll return as Lady Q for Voyager.
Robert O’Reilly (Gowron)- 
He is an award winning director of theatre and will appear as Gowron for several years on TNG, DS9 and Star Trek: Klingon video game.
Patrick Masset (Duras)-
He is better known for his writing and production credits.  He did appear in the series Friday Night Lights, which he wrote and produced as well. More recently he produced The Black List.
Charles Cooper (K’mpec) –
Cooper returns as K’mpec for his second appearance but he also appeared in The Final Frontier as General Korrd.
Jon Paul Steuer (Alexander) –
The actor playing Alexander would be changed over the years, but Steuer got to create the role.  He was also known for his roles on Grace Under Fire and Little Giants.  However, he unfortunately died in 2018 at 33.
Basil Wallace(Klingon Guard) –
He gets a special mention for being in West Wing, though I honestly don’t recall his character. 


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The Rewatch 142: Sins of the Father

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 3.17 Sins of the Father (03-19-1990)
Rating: 5/5
Redshirt Status: 0/.5/22

Notable Guest Stars:

Charles Cooper – K’mpec, Cooper previously acted on Star Trek as Klingon General Kord. They got to reuse some of the costume for this episode. He will return for another episode as K’mpec
Tony Todd – Kurn.
Todd would return as Kurn for a couple episodes including on DS9, but he will also appear as an Adult Jake Sisko, and an Hirogen. He also did various voices for Star Trek video games. He also appeared in 1994’s The Crow
Patrick Massett –
Duras. He will appear once more as Duras. He is also a script writer, having co-written the script for the 2001 version of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.


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The Rewatch 130: The Bonding

Series: Star Trek:TNG
Episode: 3.05 The Bonding (10-22-1989)
Rating:  5/5
Redshirt Status: 1/1/22.5

Notable Guest Stars:

Gaberiel Damon – Jeremy Aster.  He’s no longer working as an actor, but one of his more famous roles is the voice of Little Foot in the original Land Before Time film.
Susan Powell-
Marla Aster.  She appeared on TV shows such as Emergency!, The Six million Dollar Man, and Quincy M.E. It was actually harder then normal to find out information about her, as she shares the name with a victim in a famous missing person case.


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The Rewatch 123: The Emissary

Series: Star Trek:TNG
Episode: 2.20 The Emissary (6-19-1989)
Rating: 5/5
Redshirt Status: 0/18.5/21.5

Notable Guest Stars:
Suzie Plakson – K’Ehlyr. She also has appeared as a Vulcan doctor, and later as Mrs. Q.
Lance Legault –
Georgann Johnson –
Admiral Gromek
Anne Elizabeth Ramsay –
Clancy. She is known for her role on Mad about You
Diedrich Bader –
Tactical Crewman. I know him as Jethro Bodine in the film version of the Beverly Hillbillies.


This episode is an important episode for Worf’s storyline, as well as a major Klingon episode. The episode starts with a poker game, but the main plot begins when the Enterprise is sent on a special mission and an emissary is sent – via a probe – to tellthem the particulars.

K’Ehlyr is a character I wish we had seen more of. She’s a half human Klingon and seems to work as a federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire. She is sent to help the Enterprise to greet a Klingon ship that has been in cyrogentic sleep since before the treaty between the Empire and the Federation and would therefore want to attack Federation colonies along their route.

This almost plays second fiddle to the secondary plot of K’Ehlyr and Worf’s romance. It develops the traditions of the Klingons involving marriage. Klinons seem to be romantics, where lust, love and marriage are all intertwined. Worf is very particular about this, though he seems to loosen on the matter later seasons (evidenced by how he handles his relationships with Deanna and Jadzia.)

Back to the main plot, this episode ties back into the Kirk era. This episode takes place about 80 years after the events of The Final Frontier so this mission must have been sent out around the same time. So imagine the Klingons from that point in time coming across the Federation of Worf and Co. Its going to be a long process helping them adapt.

On a bright now, K’Ehylr will return in a later season, but not for a while. I wish we could have seen more of her. Seeing her interact with B’Elanna would also have been interesting. They are both hybrids, though the halfs are switched.

This episode was well written. It may have had two plots, as is common in TV shows, but it was balanced so you don’t feel like one story outweighed the other. Each part has a satisfying conclusion to the story at hand.

As I’m scheduling this to post, I realized it is kind of amusing that an episode dealing with Worf and his first love ends up posting on Valentine’s Day.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Thomas Calder
  • Directed by Cliff Bole
  • This is the second Dixon novel episode.
  • This the first of two episodes involving K’Ehylr and both are important to Worf’s storyarc as a character.


  • K’Ehylr
  • Klingon Culture explored.
  • Worf backstory
  • Seeing Picard deal with his crew on different things.

Nothing really stands out in this episode. 

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The Rewatch 121: The Final Frontier

Series: Star Trek TOS era Films
Episode: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier(6-9-89)
Rating:  3/5
Redshirt Status:

Notable Guest Stars:
Laurence Luckinbill – Sybok. He is mainly known for his role in this film, but he also appeared in several TV movies as minor characters, and narrated the 1985 mini series Space.
David Warner –
John Talbot,.  He most recently appeared on Screen as Admiral Boom in Mary Poppins Returns. He would also appear in the next film as Chancellor Gorkon.
Charles Cooper –
Korrd.  He appeared as Judge Robert Boucher in the 90s TV series The Practice. He appeared in Star Trek TNG as K’mpec.
Spice Williams-Crosby –
Vixis  She went on to have a stunt career, being the stunt double of Denise Crosby and Jeri Ryan on Star Trek.  She married into the family of Bing Crosby and both her husband and son are actors as well.
George Murdock –
“God”. He has appeared in Torchwood: Miracle Day as Preacher, and had a reoccurring role on Judging Amy. He would later appear in TNG as Admiral J.P. Hansen.
Harve  Bennet –
Starfleet Chief of Staff.  He was a long time writer and producer of Star Trek films.
Melanie Shatner
– Yeoman.  She is the daughter of William Shatner.  This is her third appearance on Star trek, her first being the TOS episode Miri.  She appeared as a jogger in The Voyage Home as well.


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The Rewatch 97: Heart of Glory

Episode: 1.20 Heart of Glory (03-21-88)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 2 /1

Notable Guest Stars:
Vaughn Armstrong – Korris. Or, if you are an Enterprise fan like me, its Admiral Forrest. He appeared in several episodes and several series within the franchise. This is his only episode in TNG however.
Charles Hyman – Konmel. He had several roles on TV, including Sgt. Hannegan on the TV series Tour of Duty.
David Froman – K’Nera. He is known for his role on Matlock, and The Edge of Night. He was also professor of theater Northeastern Oklahoma College.
Dennis Madalone – Ramos. He is often seen more often as a stunt performer on the series, and those that followed.


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The Rewatch 23: Errand of Mercy

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 1.26 Errand of Mercy (3-23-67)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/23

Notable Guest Stars:
John Colicos – Commander Kor.  Kor returns in DS9 for several episodes.
John Abbott-


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