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The Rewatch 215: Captive Pursuit

Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Episode:  1.06 Captive Persuit (02/1/1994)
Rating: 5/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1

Notable Guest Stars:
 Scott MacDonald (Tosk) MacDonald is a reoccurring Trek actor, and he will continue to show up in various series, including Enterprise.
Gerrit Graham (Hunter)- Graham, like MacDonald is a reoccuring actor in the franchise, appearing first as The Hunter on DS9 before joining the Q continuum as Quinn on Voyager.  He also was an option to play Odo before Rene Auberjonois was chosen.
Kelly Curtis (Miss Sarda)- Curtis is the older sister of Jamie Lee Curtis, but unlike her sister and parents, her career tends to be behind the scenes more these days than in front of the camera.


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Rewatch · Star Trek · Television shows · tv reviews

The Rewatch 160: Data’s Day

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 4.10 Data’s Day (12/31/1990)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1/34

Notable Guest Stars:
Rosalind Chao (Keiko O’Brien nee Ishikawa) – Keiko will become a regular minor character in both this series, and more so in DS9 when she and Miles move to the station with their daughter Molly.  Rosalind Chao is always pleasant to watch on screen.
Seirra Pecheur (T’Pel/Selok)-
Pecheur is a long-time character actor who continues to add to her credit list today.  Her next release comes out next year.
Alan Scarfe (Mendak
)- Scarfe has many credits to his name, including two other Star Trek credits.  He has won numorours awards for his acting and has a successful writing career as Clanash Farjeon (Although recently reprinted under his actual name).
Shelly Desai (V’Sal)-
Desai has done various voice work, and if you are around my age, you may recognize his voice from Where on Earth is Carmen Santiago or Archer.  He has also worked on several TV shows, including ER, Men of a Certain Age, Friends, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


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