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Film Review: GhostBusters (2016)

A long time ago, I believe I watched the original Ghostbusters film, but to be honest it has been so long ago that I barely remembered it. Going into watching this version of the story I was wondering if it was going to be a different verse, or a continuation or otherwise how it would relate to the original.  The answer was its a whole different universe from the originals, but the actors who were in the original who were still living all make some brief appearances in the film.

I found it hilarious at times, and some random actors showed up that I wasn’t expecting like CHarles Dance (aka Tywin Lannister) and Ed Begley jr who plays another Ed Jr..  Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin was also a hilarious take on the dumb secretary trope.  The cast as a whole was excellent, and the cameos of the original actors were interesting. The longest appearance was by Bill Murray who plays a critic of the ghostbusters who thinks they are making it all up.

For the most part I enjoyed it, though there were one or two times a joke went on too long, and the credits were over done a little.   Also the theme music appeared more in the trailer then perhaps it did in the actual movie.  The soundtrack in general was a little less then what I was expecting.

Considering one of the larger complains I heard prior to watching was that the cast was all female, I don’t think gender had an any effect on the quality of this film.  The cast did an excellent job

So my grade for this movie is a B+.  I’m definately planning on adding it to my collection at some point and I do hope that they get the sequel that they wanted.

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Movie Review: Suicide Squad

So my friends and I got together last week and ended up watching two movies, Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters.  I’ll be reviewing Ghostbusters in my next post.  Obviously I’m late the reviewing of these two, having gotten them as rentals rather then seen in the theater, but they are new to me, so I figured it counted.

Suicide Squad is a DC Comics based film.  The premise is that Amanda Walker puts together a band of villains to save the country.  It both turns out well and very much not well at the same time.  None of the villains are there by choice, but rather leverage Walker has.  They barely tolerate one another.  However they are bonded in their dislike of Walker and Flagg, the only non-villain on the team.  However, when The Enchantress betrays Flagg and Walker, they find themselves on the same side.  Of sorts.

I went into watching this film with no real comic book know how.  My only prior exposure to Suicide Squad is through Smallville which had Flagg, Deadshot and that’s pretty much it as far as characters that appear in this movie.  Completely different as well from what appeared in this movie.  I was also somewhat familar with Harley Quinn just from having a bunch of comic book fans as best friends.

Overall the movie was alright, although I suspect it is better if you are a comic book fan and have the sentimentality towards various characters.  The only real issue I had was the abundance of the Joker who basic plot had no real need to be in the movie.  And he’s probably my least favorite version of the character.  I saw why they had him in there, in Harley’s backstory, but his continual presence seemed like they had actual footage so why not use it rather than something necessary.

Some of the CGI seemed a little awkward at parts yet great in others.

I’m going to give this film a B-.  Talented cast, but more of a film if you actually had a interest in DC comics before this.