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Happy Canada Day

This is a week for National birthdays, apparently.  Today is Canada’s “birthday”.

Canada was originally a bunch of seperate colonies, but on July 1, 1867, the Consitiution Act/British North America Act united three of them into a single country within the British Empire.  It was called Dominion Day until 1982, when it was officially renamed Canada Day.

The three colonies joined together were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Providence of Canada.  The Providece of Canada was then divided up into more providences (Ontario and Quebec). Since then the country has changed both in shape of the providence (there are now 10), and their governmental relations with the British Empire (They still are under the Queen, but the UK parliment has no say in their government anymore)

The actual day as a holiday was not started until 1879, but only as a day for local communities to celebrate.  Official celebrations started in 1958, although not popularized till the 1980s.  It is held on July 1, unless it is a sunday then the legal holiday will be held the following Monday.

So here’s wishing all my Canadian friends a happy Canada Day.   Thank you for being a good neighbor.

Canadian Flag
National Flag of Canada (of sorts)
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National “Love Your Pet” Day

I don’t really think loving your pet deserves its own day, but according to the google search on what national/international days/month this is, JAnuary 20th came up as  Love your Pet day.

So I’ll talk about my Pet.  Who I’ve shown before.


This is Max.  Max is a four year old cat.  We believe he is partially Maine Coon because he seems to have quite a few of their characteristics.  He’s a very friendly cat, likes to hang around humans, particularly ones who are a little older and will let him cuddle without trying to make him play with them as the younger set do.

He likes to sleep next to computer uses, putting his paws around their arms (as you can see above) as if to keep them from leaving.  He also sucks his thumb at times and purrs realllly loudly.

We got Max after another family found he didn’t quite fit in with their other animals who weren’t so fond of Max.  We agreed to take in what we told was a kitten.  Max was about six months old at the time, and we had assumptions.

Max was a big kitty.  He looked like a fully grown cat at six months so we had to get new things, because all of the litter pans and stuff were for small kittens. Now he’s about 12 lbs, so he’s still a hefty cat.  He could probably sit on my sister’s cat and we’d never know.  He’s still really friendly, and cries when he doesn’t hear human voices or see us.  We end up leaving the TV on when we are away just to keep him company.

He’s seriously one of the most cuddly cats I’ve ever met.  He is actually sitting next to me as I type, one paw on the laptop, purring away, sucking on his paw.


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January is the Month of…

I wondered what many things January was the month of.  There are all kinds of unoffical (and some official) holidays during the year that we don’t recognize on the average calender.

According to National Day Calender,  January is the month of:

National Bath Safety Month
National Black Diamond Month
National Blood Donor Month
National Braille Literacy Month
National Hobby Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Mentoring Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Slow Cooking Month
National Soup Month
National Sunday Supper Month

Interesting amount of things that share the same month.  Now some of these are just fun things to celebrate, like National Soup Month, or Oatmeal Month.  But some of these things are things we should take a closer look at.

National Blood Donor Month 

National Blood Donor Month is a way of celebrating people who take the time to donate their blood to the blood banks.  Giving Blood is a good way to help out your community in time of trouble.  Blood is a perishable item, so banks are often in need of pretty much any blood type.  Not only could you be helping someone else, but in the tragic event something happens to you and you need blood, the more people who donate mean more likely a chance that your blood type will be on stock and be able to be given immediately.

For more information see the Red Cross’ page on NBDM

National Braille Literacy Month

Braille is a language of raised dots that allow someone to feel their way through writing.  I knew quite a few of my classmates in college were taking a course on reading and writing in braille.  Braille is named after Louis Braille, a blind man who developed the system.  He was born in January, so there is a good reason for this month to be about Braille.

For more information, see the Carroll Center for the Blind’s page on NBLM

National Mentoring Month

I actually was part of a mentoring program during my senior year at college.  It didn’t turn out well for me, mostly because I have social anxiety issues and my mentee wasn’t in need of all that mentoring.

However, I found that I would have enjoyed having someone to help me out when I first got there.  Learning how to navigate campus, learning where to go to get information I needed for signing up for classes, or IT help etc.

National Mentoring Month covers more then just helping a freshmen being able to find the food court.  Check out the National Mentoring Month webpage for more information about mentoring.