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The Rewatch 219: Dax

Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Episode:  1.08 Dax (0215/1993)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1

Notable Guest Stars:
Gregory Itzin (Illon Tandro) – He is known for his role in 24, appearances on Friends, and several episodes of Star Trek over the years including DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.
Fionnula Flanagan (Enina Tandro) – Flanagan played several roles on Trek over the years, including that of Juliana Soong, Data’s “mom”. Some of her other notable roles include Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Transamerica,
Anne Haney (Judge Renora) – She previously played Rishon on TNG.  She is also known for her roles in Mrs Doubtfire and Mama’s Family.
Richard Lineback (Selin Peers) – Another Star Trek alum, he played roles on DS9, TNG and Enterprise.  He also plays the father in Twister, one of my favorite childhood films.
Spice Williams (Klaestron Kidnapper) – Spice Williams is a reoccuring face among Star trek, having guest starred as several characters over the years as well as working on stunts. In this episode she gets to beat up Julian Bashir. She is also the sister-in-law of Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar)


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Rewatch · Star Trek · Television shows · tv reviews

The Rewatch 172: The Host

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 4.23 The Host (05/11/91)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1/34

Notable Guest Stars:
Franc Luz (Odan) Luz does not appear to have an extensive credit list, but he did have a credit for the movie When Harry Met Sally.

Nicole Orth-Pallavicini (Kareel Odan)  She has several credits to her name, mostly character acting on various TV shows through the years.  She appeared as an extra in the TV show Smash, which is another one of my favorites.

William Newman (Kalin Trose) Newman is a theater and film actor, as well as a veteran of the US Armed forces.  His film credits include Mrs. Doubfire and My Name is Earl.  Unfortunately, Newman died in 2015.

Barbara Tarbuck (Leka Trion) Tarback was mostly known for her soap opera roles, including Jane Jacks on General Hospital.  She unfortunately died in 2016.


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