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My Writing: A Self-Analysis

I made myself promise to write in this blog at least once a day.  I plan mostly to write about my writing, and my artwork/graphics and not my personal life since I already have an online journal for that. 

So what about my writing?    I write mostly fanfiction, and a little original.   I’ve been nominated for awards twice, but haven’t won, both for the same fandom (Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis).  Most of what I write is one-shots because while I can have full length novels running around in my head, it has a hard time translating to words on a piece of paper or Word.  I sometimes write better when I’m on a computer then when I have a blank notebook in front of me.

I’ve always liked to write.  My earliest stuff that I can remember were poems and homework assignments for Creative Writing class (Short stories) in 9th grade.  I think the first story I wrote that I still have is a story called “The Wing” which was in responce to a challenge in CW to write a horror story since it was almost halloween.  In my story the main character moves to England and finds her next door neighbor, and the father of the guy she likes, is a Vampire.  Its not that good (It goes too fast), and one day I’ll rewrite it into a better and longer story.

In 10-11th grade I started to write Fanfiction.  Well, actually thats not true.  I started writing before that.   Beforehand I wrote Real Person fanfic for KISS and The Beatles.  Also very poorly written.  And Star Wars.  I started publishing it on, but it was again mostly poems and one-shots that were a POV of a scene already shown.  According to my account, I started publishing my fanfiction online in 2002 (I became a member of the site in 01).  Star Wars and one Drive Me Crazy fic (two of those fics published that year still remain unfinished)

Anyway, back to 10-11th grade.  When I was in 11th grade, my friends were majorly into Harry Potter.  It was all they would talk about (along with Angel/Buffy and Gundam Wing).  As my parents didn’t allow me to watch Angel or Buffy, and I didn’t (and still don’t) have a major interest in Anime, I tried to get into Harry Potter to better understand what my friends were talking about.  I took out the first book from the library and tuned into Lily/James fanfiction on the internet.

Then I fell in love with Draco/Ginny fanfiction.  And I started to write.  So, Draco/Ginny became my first active fandom ship.   I wrote one-shots.  Still not so good, but better then the RPF.   I wrote Mors Est Pax in one day.  I wrote Angels (which is still one of my favorite pieces of writing) soon afterwards.  According to I posted this in June 2003, which meant between 11th and 12th grade (I graduated in 2004.)

I fell in love with the Slytherins and to this day still usually write them.  I didn’t find Harry (I don’t find him as well-adjusted as it seems others do…I find him to be annoying sometimes).  Draco in particular became my main character.  Ginny was second, followed by Hermione and Blaise, though they came much later after I decided the Blaise was a Boy.  Which luckily for me turned out to be true.  

I also read and considered writing Snape/Hermione.  Now, I must specifiy before someone comments to this entry with “That’s Sick” or “Thats child/Adult and wrong!”.   I ship an adult Hermione with Snape.    ONe whose been out of Hogwarts for several years.

Actually, I prefer adult or final year fanfics to anything else during Hogwarts.  I’ve read some awkward fics where they had a romance between 13 year olds.    One of whcih was a Hermione/Snape which I couldn’t go past one page of that because I just couldn’t see why this fic was written, beyond the whole age problem.

Anyway, I was quite productive with the Harry Potter fanfiction in 2003.  Many fics, including one outstanding WIP (Which I’ve given up on really) with quite a few Mary Sues.

Around this time I came up with the Multi-fandom Cross-over.  It was bad, and quite funny actually.  I lost the last couple chapters I wrote (It was never finished either), but I still have the first chapter of “The Black Rose” and its hilarious to read now. 

I also wrote Memories, which is a LoTR fanfic with an OC.  Someone called it a Mary Sue once, but I don’t agree.  Granted, yes, its my own writing but I think that considering the backstory (the OC is dead and they are writing to her daughter) I think the MS like issues are justified.

2004 brought  Sometimes, which apparently is the favorite of my HP readers.   I’m still working on that one.  Its started as a cookie, then a one-shot. 

Then it turned into a chapter fic thats kinda grown out of control.  I also started writing the Liz-series. Actually the majority of the fics written in 2004 were Angel Fics.  Remember how I said my parents wouldn’t let me watch Angel?  They still don’t, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try and watch it. Especially after I saw season 4 episodes with Faith & Wes. 

Of course, the major event of 2004 was the debut of a series on Sci-fi called Stargate Atlantis.  During the month of August that year, My mother was working as a homecare nurse for a patient named Chris.  She had been working for him for years, and we often discussed star wars together.  He was a really nice guy.  He and my mother watched a film called Stargate and then after enjoying the movie and hearing about the new show they started to watch Stargate SG-1 and SGA.  My mother brought a tape of the two shows and the movie home one week.  I remember coming home and watching Stargate the movie and loving Daniel.  So I watched the shows.  

The first episodes I watched were from seasons 8 (SG1), and 1(SGA).  Daniel was stuck on some planet.   John was trying to tell Bates to take a chill pill and not believe Teyla to be a Wraith spy.

I fell in love with John Sheppard, and the rest is history.  Yes, from the very start Atlantis won my heart.  Sg-1 and Atlantis would take turns who was the one more important to me over the next couple of years, but I will always have a special spot in my heart for Atlantis. 

A few months later I discovered Nano.  Nano was a new expirance.  30 days to complete a small Novel.  I tried and failed, but out of it came one of my longer stories, still unfinished, called What May Come.  I won’t link it because there is definatly a Mary Sue there.  However if you wish to read it, click on any of the other links, go to my account and its there.  #46 if ordered by publish date)

2005 was the year of Stargate.  I wrote Everytime I look at You, which brought me into SG-1 fandom and to the epi-tag type of fic.  I wrote Obsession, which earned my my first fanfic nomination for ISIS awards.    I also wrote a Moulin Rouge fanfic, Different.  Star Wars and Angel also got some new fics added.

It was also the year of the challenge fic, The Golden Circle.  I started to write it after seeing King Arthur.  I challenged myself to write 500 words exactly each segment. I told scenes from a story.  IT worked well, and it was one of my better reviewed stories.  Although given that some of the worst fanfics I ever read had over 100 reviews, I don’t know if having reviews means its better or horrible.

My first fic of 2006 was Heavy Hearted Words, based on the real life wife of Geoffry Chaucer and the universe created by A Knight’s Tale.  I wrote more Atlantis fic, including a fic for a McWeir Ficathon.  I wrote my first and only Slash fic.  I wrote a fanfic where there was no romance in it at all (again, it appears the one and only).

2006 also brought me my Sg-1 ship muse.  Daniel/Vala.  I had been focusing so much on Atlantis the last season, I missed Vala, though I had figured her to be a love interest for Daniel since they put her on.  I just didn’t realise she would come back after one episode nor how much I would love her once I finally watched her in action.  I binged on SG-1 episodes right before the airing of the final season.  Season 9 made me a D/V shipper and I have yet to be convinced otherwise.

I wrote several fics right off the bat.  Contentment on July 16, The Pawn on July 20, That Vala Girl and Mama Said on July 31.  Memories of the Past and Bedtime Stories came in August.  Then I took a break and wrote some Stargate Atlantis Fics.  So 2006 was a very productive year, including a Nano which brought me Complications, though again not finished (I’m working on that).  I ended the year with The Date, which got nominated for a Stargate Fan Award

In 2007, I added Grey’s Anatomy, Greek and Fantastic Four to my list of fandoms I write in.  I also started to put up the Athena Trilogy, none of which are finished.  Another project I plan on completing.  Antoher Angel fic, Some Assembly Required which I had been working on for a long time and finally completed.  There were 15 fics published that year.

2008 was the year of the drought.  I updated a couple of fics, but only published 3 new fics (2 of which were Daniel/Vala and 1 that was Greys Anatomy).   I wrote parts of fics in several fandoms, though nothing really came out of it.  Doctor Who, Torchwood, X-files, CSI Miami.  Others too.

Now you are probably wondering about my original writing.  I was doing that too, although none seemed to go anywhere.  In 12th grade I wrote  The Diary of Iulius Acanius which was fun to write and I still enjoy reading it again.  There was more poetry.  I tried to start a fantasy story but did not go far.  I tried to start a story based on the myth of Persephone and Hades, and only got half way through a chapter.  In 2005, I finally finished The Boy King, a short story based on the coronation of King Tut.  I’m not sure if it matches anything a professional writer would write, but I’m happy with it.

So, hopefully 2009 will be more fruitful.  I’m mourning the loss of several of my favorite fandoms, especially Stargate Atlantis, but I shall write something.  *tries to be determined.

I welcome any critiques on my stories.  I welcome them.  So if you feel brave, or have nothing to do, feel free to travel to my stories and bring out the metaphorical red pen.

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