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The reason for the last posts

I know I have posted these essays and the research paper before, on Insanejournal, but I decided that since this is going to be my writing jorunal I’ll post them here so I can reference them whenever I update them.  I still have to post the big paper but I’m going to wait to post that tomorrow so I don’t overpost my blog here.  But I welcome any corrections on the two I have up now.  Or any new reference material that might help me correct and update the articles.  I’m not expecting any as I have said, I posted them before.  This is mainly for reference and to have a collective of my writing.

I’m going to be writing an article for Arabella on the Script Writer and the process of transforming a novel or an idea into a workable movie.    We shall see how that goes.

I’m still considering if I’ll post my fanfiction or not here.  It feels a little more “open to the public” then  Livejournal or, though I know anyone can find myself if they google Sokorra Lewis.  I guess its the feeling of being seen, yet still in the corner and avoiding the main rush of people.


A thirty-something Graphic Designer and writer who likes to blog about books, movies and History.

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