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Possible NCIS Story

Ok, the story goes as such in my head.  Its just as the show depicts up untill the end of SWAK.  Twilight doesn’t happen, at least not the fact that Kate died.  She’s reassigned to a five year turn of duty with Stargate Command. So Ziva is still a part of the group.  Because as much as she annoys me, I still like her.

So its five years later (making it about season 7, though I doubt I’ll take season 6 that much into consideration) and Kate comes back.  One of their first cases happens to be a case where a Marine is killed (tell me, why is it always the Marine?).  They find he was involved in a yet-unnamed project that included genetic engineering.  At first this is believed just to be a research think tank, but soon its found out that they may have been doing practical tests, meaning actual children created with stolen DNA from various Military and civilians.  Most of the projects have failed either by not coming to term or within a few months of birth except for five.  Each run has 3 children, and the last two tests have had more successful results.  These children have enhanced senses, higher metabolism and the ability to take more of a beating.  They were trying to create super soldiers, but so far had just been able to successfully enhance the senses.

The team goes after the group for several illegal activities, including the stealing of genetic material to create the children.  The older 2 are 5 years old.  The younger 3 are 2 years old.  They appear a step behind them until they find a medical center the group had used with some blood tests left behind, which Abby is allowed to test for matches (in the case it is one of the people involved) and parental matches (in case they are one of the five children).

One of the blood test matches Tony and Kate as parents.  This of course throws the group for a loop.  They manage to track down the five children and take them into protective custody until they are matched with the biological parents who are given the option of either adopting the children as their own or allowing the children to be adopted out.   Tony and Kate think about for awhile and decide that they will adopt the young girl who was made with their DNA and share custody.

The group had named all five children after thier parents to keep track of what was used.  So T & K’s daughter is actually Caitlyn Antoinette.  Everyone decides to call her Kat though.

So I need to do alot of research.  It will have a B-Plot of a romance between Kate and Tony (thoguh I’m nto sure which of the two options I’m going with with the endings I have in my head).  It will probably be novel length.  I might even change things.

The group might be some sort of Trust organization. 

I do know that one day I’m going to write a fic where Kate has twin boys named Nick and Chris and it might be connected to this one (if I write it) or something all together different).


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