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OCs: To Write or not To Write

Ever have an original character grow on you so much you want to write them even though they are probably a key to bad!fic?

For me this character right now would be Kate Todd’s son Nick.  So far he’s a very smart kid, active in basketball and looks just like his dad (I bet you could all probably guess who that is).  Then there is his brother, just as smart, but tends to blend into the crowd and is real artistic.  Not the same Dad (long story, might have to drop it because of the unbelievable).

I have had OCs that I’ve really enjoyed using.  Theodora Spinnet for example.  I use her alot, although more in my head then on paper.  ANd that goes for alot of my characters.  I write about twice as many stories in my head then I’ll ever actually write.


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