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NCIS Fic Timeline (and test of Windows Live Writer)


2005 – Kate gets assigned to work under General Jack O’Neill as a crime expert in the hunt for the Trust organization.  Ziva is recruited to take her place.  Twilight/Kill Ari 1 &2 didn’t happen.  Well, Ari is dead, but Kate is still alive.

(NCIS cannon otherwise remains the same, only the team has been in contact with Kate but haven’t had much face-to-face interaction besides Abby.  Oh, and Jenny is still alive, because I like her and how she’s about the only person who can get Gibbs to do something he doesn’t want to do, at least to me)

Spring/Summer 2010 – Jethro Gibbs & Team come across a dead Marine.  While investigating, McGee and Abby are able to retrieve the computer contents and the mention of the Trust and a project Dark Angel (Nicknamed after the TV show).  Jenny, who has clearance, notifies General’ O’Neill

President is Obama because Its set more in the NCIS world, and Its easier to talk about a real guy then some guy who showed up in a few episodes in season 7 of SG-1.  Plus it helps with fans who haven’t seen SG-1.

(Moment of squee to find Ari on Moonlight).

I have also added a subcategory for fandom, and tags from now will be story arcs.


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