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Test Out: Kate Fic


So I have a possible start to the Kate fic.  Its under the premise that Kate has been working with Jack for several years, trying to form a organization that would investigate on earth incidents of alien issues leaving the SGC to do other world exploration.

She convinces Jack that her old NCIS team would be perfect for the job, saying it was also a good way to interact with other agencies.  They would be NCIS most of the time, called out when Jack & HWS need them.

So here it is.   I may change it, I may delete it or it may end up in the final cut.  But I’m putting here for some Constructive criticism so I can improve it and get better myself.

April 14, 2010

Caitlyn Todd sat at the table near the back of the outside eatery she and Abby frequented looking over the papers in front of her. She wasn’t quite as focused as she looked. Her mind was on other things. Like the fact that her boss for the last 5 years, Jack O’Neill, had finally given her permission to let her friends back at NCIS the clearance to learn about what she does now for a living.

She still solves crimes. Still an investigator. But the criminals in her line of work were more….unearthly then one would expect. Abby would find it fascinating and bemoan the fact that Kate was able to chase after aliens while she was stuck in a lab at Quantico. Gibbs would just raise an eyebrow and say it was interesting. McGee would be watching Abby and enjoying her happiness to find Aliens existed. Tony would simply ask if there were any good looking aliens out there for him to charm. Ducky would probably have some story where they had thought a corpse was an alien being. She had no idea what Ziva would say. Actually, she knew very little about Ziva. Tony talked about her, and Abby said a few things but the two women had rarely met face-to-face.

With the recent levels of crimes committed by aliens, the SGC and Home World Security had decided it would be a good idea to create an elite team (that wasn’t SG-1) to investigate the crimes. So, 5 years ago after they saved her life after she had been shot they had made her the first of that so-called team. She had spent two years training as everyone working in the SGC did. The names of the Goauld and other enemy species. Whose dead, whose not. How to recognize one. How to properly use Zat guns and anti-prior devices. How to use the advanced technology and what exactly the advanced technology was. Diplomacy when it came to interacting with aliens, particularly those friendly with Earth.

It was like going back to college. Most of it was classroom, but there was a six-month boot camp where you were taught how to use the weapons practically, how to avoid being hit by these weapons, proper gate protocol and they made sure you were physically in shape because God knows when you’d have to run back through the gate. If you survived boot camp without quitting (which usually everyone did. Alien worlds were quite an incentive) you were given a trail gate trip to an already discovered world where you would put your new knowledge to the test.

After the training, she spent the next three years working out of DC as a personal advisor to Jack O’Neill. IT was her job to find members of the elite team. She had already formed several forensic teams currently in training, but she felt that the best team would be her old team. And after reading their profiles and discussing things with Director Sheppard, he had agreed. So if the team signed the confidentiality agreement, and passed the training program on the Aliens (he managed to get them out of the weapons training till he himself could met with them), they would be the main team. It would be their job to delegate tasks to the other teams.

It would be nice to work with them again. She missed the constant day-to-day interaction she had with them for two years before the SGC scooped her up. Missed the banter with Tony, the girl nights with Abby, teasing McGee and avoiding Ducky’s stories. Wondering how many cups of coffee Gibbs would consume that day and if it would beat the previous record (14).

“KATE!” She looked up to see Abby making her way through the tables to the back where she sat. She smiled and stood up to greet her friend with a hug. Behind her, going a more sedate pace but with a grin to match Abby’s was McGee, who gave her a hug as well. They sat down and she studied them for a moment. They looked like they were on one of their better periods. McGee didn’t look quite as heartbroken as he did when Abby was extra oblivious to the fact that the junior field agent was in love with her. So either he had convinced himself he wasn’t, or Abby was back to saying maybe it was possible.

“How are you two?” Kate asked as she gathered her papers together and put them back into her bag. The confidentiality agreements were in there as well, in a manila envelope, keeping them separate from the other paper work she had in her bag.

“Good.” Abby’s grin grew. “We got a new piece of equipment in the lap last week. It’s a new DNA computer. It has access to almost all the databases in the US and the criminal records of Europe. Its still got some bugs though. It’s supposed to be able to tell us an age range for the DNA we found, so we can limit our search if there is no positive match, but the range is about 10 years, which is a very wide range. But its still exciting to use. IT makes matches quicker too, which is nice. About 8 hours instead of the usual 12.”

“She tested its accuracy using Tony and me. I don’t think Tony is going to let her near him with a needle again.”

“She could have taken a swab and be done with it, but no, she wanted to test blood.” She looked up to see Tony standing behind her. He smiled down at her before continuing. “I think she’s trying to fulfill her vampire fantasies.”

“That explains McGee, not you. You’d probably ruin a good fantasy.” It was easy to fall into their usual banter.

“Know this on personal experience?”


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