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This week is theme

So, this week in Intro To Fiction, we are studying ‘Theme.’  Which always makes me think of “The Jane Austin Book Club” where Prudie goes on about “Jane’s Theme” and kinda gets on the nerves of everyone else there except for Grigg (who was uncomfortable as it was) and Silvia who was a little preoccupied with her own personal crisis.

I actually like the movie, but don’t like the book.  Which is an oddity because usually its either equal status or I like the book better.  I like to watch the film first because its like having deleted scenes when you read the book.  But in this case, THey changed enough of the book that I much prefer the movie.  Not to say there weren’t times I wanted something from the book in the movie, but generally the movie was better.  Plus Dean was a steelers fan:)

Another book that failed to meet the expectations of the movie was The Wedding Date (or Asking For Trouble if you want to read the book).  The book and the movie share a common plot…Older sister is going to younger sister’s engagement party and hires an escort to pose as her boyfriend.    The big difference between the movie and the book is:

  1. The book goes over a longer period of time, from the engagement party till after the honeymoon
  2. The names are different and everyone lives in England
  3. Sophie (Kat in the movie) lives with her best friend and friends brother and they take an active role in the story.  This plot is not in the movie.
  4. TJ is in the book, in the form of cousin Tamara who has a simular role, except she (and apparently 95% of the family) doesn’t like Paul (Edward in the movie AKA the fiancée)
  5. The fiancée is a jerk
  6. Kit (Jeff) and Bianca (the sister, forget her name in the move) actually stay together, they run off together after the honeymoon.
  7. Josh (Nick) isn’t an escort.  He was filling in for an actual escort, since his friend was running the company. 

Now unlike The Jane Austin Book Club, Asking For Trouble is equally as enjoyable as the movie.  Its just that they are almost two different stories.  And if I had to choose, I’d probably choose the movie.  If only because I hate that Kit/Jeff won in the end of the book and that Paul was a jerk.  Edward is lovable in the movie (half because of the character, half because Its Jack Davenport.

I’m going to be posting again tonight to get my entries up to the correct number.  I’m two down (one after this entry) from being an entry a day since I started.


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