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More weekly readings…

The Story of an Hour – Kate Chopin

A woman finds out her husband is dead, having been in a train accident, and at first weeps but then goes to her bedroom to have a moment of joy at the fact that she is free.  But when she returns downstairs, it turns out her husband isn’t quite as dead as she thinks, she has a heart attack and dies.

The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

A woman and her husband take a three month vacation after she has a nervious breakdown.  She becomes obsessed with the wall paper and the woman she sees behind it.

Hills like White Elephants – Ernest Hemmingway.

A girl and a man are sitting at a bar looking at some hills that are white.  I really don’t understand the story at all.  (on a side note, I thought of Malcolm and Hoshi while reading it)

Distint View of a Minaret – Akufa Rifaat

A woman is lying in bed with her husband and ‘thinks of paris’ before showering and doing her morning rituals.  She comes back to give her husband his coffee, and finds him dead.

Yet another story that makes you go huh? at the end.

Yellow Woman – Leslie Marmon Siko

A woman has an affair with a stranger, who relates thier relationship to that of the myth of the Yellow Woman.

Say Yes – Tobias Wolf

A woman and her husband argue over wither they would have been married if she had been Black instead of white.  I have no idea what happened at the end, so I’m pretty sure I got that question wrong on the quiz


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