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Book Review: Willow (Wayland Davis)

Title: Willow
Author: Wayland Davis (based on the screenplay by Bob Dolman who inturn based it on a story by George Lucas.)
Genre: Fantasy/Movie Novelization
Summery:  Willow Ufgood, A Nelwyn farmer (and aspiring magican), is sent on a journey to return a baby Daikini to its people.  As always, this journey goes differently then planned.  He ends up teaming up with swordsmen Madmartigan, two brownies named Franjean and Rool and a transformed Sorceress named Fin Raziel to protect the baby from the evil Queen Bavmorda of Nockmaar who wants to kill her.

Apparently for the month of January, my theme for book reading is Movie Novelizations.  These are books derived from movies (as opposed as books on which movies are derived.) 

I borrowed this book from a friend because I loved the movie.  And I love this book too.  It follows the course of the film nicely, and as with all novelizations, has scenes that were cut out of the movie.  Many I wish had been included.  Like Madmartigan’s back story.  Or the back story of Bavmorda and Fin Raziel’s animosity towards each other (Not only is Bav evil, but she also stole Fin’s boyfriend!).

Anyway, The Pros/Cons


– Madmartigan’s Back story (he apparently was a weapons prodigy)
– Bavmorda Backstory
– The Nelwyns have more screen time


– The flashback style is kinda awkward
– It feels like it needs to be longer.

Rating: 4/5

Bookit # (1/50 of 1/52)

(I promise these will become better as I go.  Its been along time since I did a book review that was more “Eh, it was good”, so I need time to learn how to do it again.)


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