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A Plea to Writers

Dear Writers,

I would like to see one day a heroine who is kick ass.  One who doesn’t have the perfect life, but hasn’t had hell either.  One who takes the obstacles in her life and overcomes them without four pages of woe-is-me.  I want a heroine who saves the day using her smarts and manages to get the guy too.  I want a heroine who wears normal clothes and not 3 inch platform boots to go kick butt.  Sure, she can wear them sometimes but when you are running through the woods trying to catch the bad guy, heels aren’t very logical.  So how about a girl who wears jeans and a sports jersey (or whatever is historically accurate) or I suppose a business suit if she so wishes, who eats chocolate pudding and doesn’t cry about the calories, whose smart and intelligent and doesn’t need a man to save her (although if he would like to help that would be fine.).  One where if the guy leaves her, her world doesn’t completely crumble.  She might be hurt, she might be devastated, but she picks up and carries on. A character who can be kick ass and a mother if she she so chooses.  A character who realizes showing emotion every once and awhile ISN”T a sign of weakness.  Actually, that would be for guys too.  You can fall in love and still save the world.

If you find this character, please write her. I would like to see more of her on my bookshelf and on my computer.


A Reader.


A thirty-something Graphic Designer and writer who likes to blog about books, movies and History.

4 thoughts on “A Plea to Writers

  1. you know who first comes to mind? Kate Beckett from Castle. Sure, Castle may be the protagonist, but is Beckett who saves the day about 90% of the time. Castle is a writer and while his genre savvines is often instrumental in solving the case, it is she who does the actual arresting,the fighting,the shooting,etc. (althought Beckett just as often reaches the same conclusions through a different path)

    She is smart,confident, and knows she doesn’t need a man in her life.

    Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series also comes to mind, but I am only in the third book so she’s still a very young girl and I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

    There’s Ziva, of course. She’s all kinds of awesome and knows it.but she is also very tough, and doesn’t show many emotions,

    Others that come to mind:

    dark angel -max
    alice – resident evil
    fiona – burn notice
    sarah connor – tscc – in the movies she is very tough while in the series we get some more development in her relationship with her son, so we see a softer side, plus we see her in a romantic relationship,showing yet another side.


    1. Most of those I am unfamilar with, But I can agree with Ziva and Kate Beckett. I was actually going to make my next post a list of strong female characters since some do exist (although I have to admit its more television then anywhere else where they exist.) Dana Scully is another one.


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