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Response: Smallville 10.01 “Lazarus”

I’m a lukewarm watching of Smallville.  I used to watch it when it was brand new, got tired of the Lana obsession of Clarks, and the unlikelihood of Chloe/Lex actually happening, but turned in to Absolute Justice for Michael Shanks, and was brought back to the fold by Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen (and his chemistry with Alison Mack as Chloe).  This is my first season watching it again where I start at the beginning (a very good place to start).

Spoilers beneath cut.

This episode for me was lackluster.  It showed us that Lex is not yet dead, Tess may be a good guy, Oliver and Chloe love each other, Lois loves Clark, but Clark still needs to grow up.  All of which is good.  However the actual plot of the episode seemed more glamour shots to make the “FINAL SEASON” look pretty amazing going in. (yes, anyone else notice the big emphasis on the Final season aspect?)

I felt there was so much of the episode missing.  Where was the rest of the Justice League?  Why didn’t they show Chloe’s thought processes when it came to using Dr. Fate’s mask to learn about Oliver.  How did she get them to trade?  For that matter, who the hell are they?

As a Chlollie Shipper, (and I mention again that I hate mash-up names, but it serves my purpose here) I was pleased by the music choice at the end when the two passed each other, and the acting was great in that scene.  Next week better have alot of the fall out because seriously that was the only scene in the entire episode I found particularly memorable.

Another question – why did Lois run and hide when she realized that Clark was going to be ok?  For that matter, how did she know which building to find him at?  Why didn’t Clark question the fact that a dagger that had been deeply embedded in his abs suddenly was out and tossed several feet away.  Daggers aren’t known for thier ability to leave the victim.

Did I mention I felt half the episode was left out?


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