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Film Review (ish thing): Tron: Legacy

Grade: A

This was a good movie.  It had a good plot, had hints of romance but didn’t over do it, had good visual effects and it was part of a franchise I happen to love.

The only issue I had with this movie was the computerized Jeff Bridges (Clu).  When the character was standing still, it was hard to discern it was computerized, but whenever he spoke and you were in a close up or he moved in a close up there was this slightly inorganic movement that didn’t match up.  It wasn’t anything major but it did remind you that this wasn’t completely Jeff Bridges.  (Wonder what he thought of his CGI younger self).  Although to be honest, this might just be on purpose to show that Clu was a program, not just a clone of Kevin Flynn.

Also, Tron has taken styling tips from The Stig. (Not really an issue just wondering if they ran out of a effects budget to create a CGI Tron)

The music was also good, and I like the improvement on the lighting effects (still has the idea that its not very bright in Grid-land, but

This isn’t a particularly good review, I realize that.  Its just something to get me back into writing in this blog.   As you can tell I haven’t posted since February (How is that possible?!?)

Next review I do will be better, I hope.


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