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Book-it 2012

Once again, I am going to be doing Book-it.  For those of you new to reading this blog, Book-it is a reading goal. We call it Book-it after the elementary school reading program where you got free pizza if you read a certian amount of books.  It was meant to promote reading in younger people.

THe Book-it we have here doesn’t really have any prizes except being able to say you read 50 books in a year.  I suppose if you want to, you can make your own prize levels if you so wish.

This year I’m also going to attempt to review books that are new to me.  I have a few books I tend to re-read every year so I won’t be reviewing them unless someone specifically asks me what I thought.

The Book-it runs from Jan 1 to December 31, and the goal is to read 50 books.  The guidelines for books are that it be able to be bought on its own (Short stories can only be counted as individual books if you bought it separately. A book thats a collection of seperate short stories is 1 book, not whatever number of shorts it has).  Text books can count if you do alot of reading in it (so no to math books, but lit books would count.  I’m counting my history books this year).

Graphic novels if they have a good bit of text to go with them can count. Comic books don’t.

There is a sort of cheat system I’ve developed.  ONe semester I had to read a bunch of selected readings.  It wasn’t a full book so I didn’t feel I could count it as a book, so I develped a method so that they can count.  Basically 5-10 of those can count as a book as group.  It depends on the length.  Shorter ones have a higher group #, longer ones smaller.

I’ll have a page with a list of books that I have read.  As well as my 100 movies goal.

I’m always open to book recommendations if you have any.


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