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New Project

This summer I am starting a new project for this blog.  The project will be watching and reviewing the entire Star Trek series. This will include Enterprise, The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.  I have yet to conclude if I consider the Animated series as canon or not.  I might stick that in there somewhere, as it is available on Netflix.

I will be going in order verse-wise, which means that I will start with Captain Archer. I have yet to decide if I will go by show or try to watch the DS9 episode amongst the TNG and VOY episodes they belong with.  It might be too complicated to do that.  But I shall worry about that when I get to it (as I have two full series plus five seasons of TNG before I have to worry about that).

This means I should be posting more often.  I will also be posting other book related things, but it will be primarily the reviews.

You can join in with me while I view. I shall post the episode I am watching on Twitter.


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