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Mr. Washington, I presume.

So as I said in my last post, I’ve made an attempt to start reading books about Presidents so I can say I know something they did while President besides be President.  I decided to start in order, because I might as well.  (A legitimate “because of reasons” responce).

So we start with George Washington, our first president.  Or rather our first president once we got the right constitution in order.

George Washington is a pretty well known President.  Its hard to forget the name of the guy who basically had to set up the office himself.  I found a book available through Kindle Unlimited and started to read, to see if I could learn anything different about our President.

It wasn’t exactly the most enlightening book I ever read as far as a bio went, but I got some new impressions.  Basically George Washington’s reasons for joining in the revolution had some tints of ego (the British Military wouldn’t accept him as an officer because he was American born.) and really all he wanted to do was settle down on his farm and make money.

What was interesting was his involvement in Western Pennsylvania.  He actually owned land in the Ohio River Valley, and wanted to build a canal into Virginia, this controlling the shipping of the area.  Smart Idea that never went anywhere (sadly for Washington).

But basically he would go home, set it to rights again and be happily ordering people to farm for him when Congress would whine and bring him back in again.

All Washington wanted was a break.  I think he probably hated congress as much as we do now.

Maybe I should have chosen a different book, and I’m sure that the following presidential summaries will be better if only because I’ll write them sooner after I read the book.

In summery

  • Washington wanted to join the British Army but they wouldn’t let him be an officer because he was American Born.
  • He basically designed the office of the Presidency because no one had been there before.
  • He hated the ideas of political parties, but Jefferson and Hamilton couldn’t let us have nice things
  • All he wanted to do was hang out with his wife and look after his properties in the quiet of Virginia.


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