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Bookit Review: Jane, Stewardess of the Air Lines

Title:  Jane, Stewardess of the Air Line
Author:  Ruthe S. Wheeler
Publication date: 1934

My Grade: B-

My Review:

When I was younger, I liked this story alot.  Reading it as an adult I found it less likable.  Its not a horribly written story, but there isn’t much to grab onto.  The main character, Jane Cameron, is pretty much a Mary Sue.  By that I mean she has no flaws.  She graduated in the top of her class, is calm under pressure, is a natural at flying a plan, and anytime something big goes down she’s asked to be part of the responce team simply because she is so good at what she does.

I’m not sure she has any flaws except being in transit when people call her.    None of the other characters are really flushed out.  Quite a bit of them aren’t even given names.  Its a little difficult to figure out the passage of time because things seem to happen immediately even though realistically you know it must have been weeks.

On the positive front, its a Female protagonist who is not stuck in a love Triangle, who goes and gets what she wants from her career.  Even when people doubt her because of her gender, she stays firm.  And that is something I’m always glad to see.  Its especially good in a book written in the 1930s.

I definitely think this is a book that is good for younger readers if you want a book that focuses on a female protagonist.  Its a relatively easy read.  Some questions may be had due to cultural changes since 1934.  For example,  Jane gets paid $125 a month.  Using a online converter I found that is basically like being paid  $2,232.14


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