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Star Wars

I grew up with Star Trek, so I will admit I tend to go to that first, but I love Star Wars and since the movie recently came out (I have not seen it), I felt like writing a post about Star Wars.

I first saw Star Wars in sixth grade.  IT was the tail end of Return of the Jedi  and I thought that as Luke cut off the parts of the Robot dude that he was turning into the Robot dude.  Obviously, some things need context.

So eventually I got the movies out on VHS.  At that time Phantom Menace was just released, so I got that too.  And I decided to watch in order, which meant PM first.  Which, of course made a few things about the Original Trilogy not surprise me the way the original viewers were.  I also think watching this way made it so the Prequel trilogy didn’t bother me as much as some of my friends who were introduced to Star Wars long before TPM came out.

I love all six movies, although Revenge of the Sith is the only one I only watched once.  There were a few things that bothered me about the disconnect between the Prequels and what they tell you in the Original Trilogy.  My favorite characters were Han and Obi-wan, followed by Mara Jade & Leia.

Star Wars as a mostly awesome extended universe in book form.  I am kind of disappointed not more of it was incorporated into what I have heard so far of The Force Awakens.




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