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Writing Experiment #1

So I have to do an experiment where for the next 15 minutes I’m going to write a story off the cuff so to speak, and see what comes out.  So lets get started:

Source: Pixabay

The hallway leading to the Captain’s ready room was bustling, officers going here and there.  The ship was to launch in only a few hours so everyone was hurrying to dot those last i’s, and cross those t’s.  However, Natalia’s objective was to meet with the Captain before assuming her own duties.

As she walked through the open doorway, she was startled by a booming voice.

“Dammo! Ble ydy e…”  She turned to her left to find a man searching through a pile of tablets and other miscellaneous objects of a captain’s duties.  Captain Llewellyn Merrick was a tall man, with dark hair and eyes.  He looked up.  “You would think they would have streamed lined paperwork when they got rid of the actual paperwork, but no.”  He stepped around the desk.  “You must be Dr. Reed.” She nodded as she accepted his handshake.  “Pleasure to have you on board.  I was surprised to hear you were coming with us.”

“My research has made it clear that the next step will be excavation at the site, Captain Merrick.”  The Natalus was set to fly to the planet Narvos, which she believed might have been the actual site of the Norse god’s home-world.  She had an ongoing theory that mythologies that were so human like tended to be visitors from other planets.  Narvos might prove her theory.

“So I read.”  He pointed to a chair sitting across the desk from his own.  “Now, as much as we wish to assist you in your research, you must be aware that certain protocols must be observed.”

“I understand.  Believe me, Captain.  I in no way wish to get in the way of your crew’s everyday work.”

“I appreciate that.  There are some areas of the ship that for security reasons only authorized personal are allowed.  You have free reign of the entertainment rooms, as well as our library and laboratories, provided its not in use.”

“Thank you.”

“We should arrive in Narvos in two weeks.”

“I was under the impression it would be longer.”

“Commander Argos has managed to shave some time off with some engine modifications.  This flight will be the proof in the pudding as they once said.  Some of the Brass don’t believe its more then a fluke.”

“I hope you are successful.  The sooner I get to the planet, the sooner my research can begin.


The USS Natalus was a 500 crew cruiser, designed for mobility and scientific exploration.  Crew areas were comfortable, and not lacking in anyway, but the bulk of the ship was made up of laboratories, libraries, and equipment storage to advance the knowledge base of the human race.  It was one of the reasons it had been chosen to help Natalia complete her research.

Her rooms were located in the quest quarters, slightly more plush then the regular quarters.

And that was all for 15 minutes.  Not bad.  Not sure where that one is going, but maybe I’ll work this into a longer story one day.

Thanks to Shin for the Welsh translations


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