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Bookit Review: Dog with a Bone/Heir to the Dog

Title:  Dog with a Bone / Heir to the Dog
Author: Hailey Edwards
Publication date:  2014/2015

My Grade: C

My Review:

I read these two swiftly together so its hard to really seperate them into two reviews, thus, I am doing a single review for both books.

Dog with a Bone is the first book in a series of four, and is a novella.  I get the sense it was written last because the original intent was it to be a trilogy (the other 3 books) but she wanted to set things up and wrote this.

The action is good.  The characterization not so much.  I’m going to continue reading and hope that the main character Thierry  (And thank goodness in the second one they actually sound that out because I couldn’t figure out how to pronounce that) gets some depth.  The most developed character in the book series so far is Rook, and he’s not even the main character.

Basically its not a horrible book, I’ve read worse and I don’t have much to complain about except that there is too much of the action and not enough of the heart that makes us care about what is going on.  But this is a series, so I will continue on.

This story also contains a lot of mythological/fantasy characters that I’m unfamiliar with and wish I understood better.  Perhaps that hinders my enjoyment of the series.


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