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REVIEW: Deadpool

Tonight I got to watch the film Deadpool. It’d a comic book based film, and probably one of the more well known of this year’s new movies.

It centers around Wade Wilson,  a mercenary for hire who finds out he has terminal cancer.  He is offered a chance at a possible cure and while he rejects it at first he ends up deciding to do it as it would mean more time with his fiancée.   Things of course don’t turn out as planned.

The movie was hilarious.   It is definitely not a film for children or people easily offended by swearing,  some nudity ( of both genders) ,  or gory violence.   It definitely deserved it’s R rating.   I liked the more realistic reactions to situations by the characters.

I wouldn’t go to see it if you expect the same guy you saw on Wolverine: Origins. This one is less creepy and more like his comic character.

Rating:  4 stars.


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