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Deadpool and his Friend, Rating R

Deadpool was rated R.  It is rightfully so rated.  It earns its rating with aplomb and is happy about it.  However parents across the nation seemed baffled about a Superhero movie being R, choose to ignore it and then took their young children (and by young I mean under the age of 13) to see a movie clearly not meant for them.

The odd part of this is how much Deadpool marketing, as well as fans familiar with the comics went out of their way to try and inform parents that this movie was marketed towards adults, has always been for adults, and that it might not be something you want to bring your child to see.

Yet I sat behind a boy who couldn’t have been more then ten, and he wasn’t the only child there.

Usually, I’m the type who thinks a parent should have the right to raise their child as they see fit, but this time I was baffled at why parents would bring such young children, especially after all the warnings.  And then I was baffled when the next day tweets came in about how they were disappointed and had to leave the movie early because it wasn’t child appropriate.

Parents, there is a reason we have a rating system.  It’s not perfect, but that’s an argument for another day.  But when a movie is rated R, and the writers, actors, and people who know about the type of movie this character would be in all tell you this is not child-friendly, you should probably take a hint.

Deadpool is violent.  There are decapitations and bullet-to-the-head shots (on screen, and at least one is in the trailer).  Deadpool himself gets shot, stabbed and cuts off his hand at various places in the film.  He gets tortured (which is implied in the trailer).  

He’s swears.  A lot.  Makes dirty jokes.  A lot.  There is also sex, and this movie is not afraid to show either gender in their naked glory.  There may be things that you might not want your twelve year old to be asking you about just yet.

I could understand the parents who went to see the movie, decided their child could handle the content, and then brought them back at a later date.  Or even waited till the film to come out so they could skip scenes that they did not want their children to see quite yet.

But the parents who complain about it, after so much warning, and the fact that a simple google would have told you enough about Deadpool to know he wasn’t a PG character.

Deadpool is a slightly mad mercenary with no filter, who doesn’t see a problem with killing people, and really likes that nice grey area.  He’s not Charles Xavier or Peter Parker  or Superman who are felt drawn to the greater good, who would probably refrain from swearing around your kid and try to teach them lessons about morality and being a good person.

He’d just like a chimichanga.



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