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Bookit Review: Nerves of Steel

Title: Nerves of Steel
Author: CJ Lyons
Publication date: 2009

My Grade: B

My Review:

CJ Lyons is an author I like to pick up from time to time.  I’ve read her Angels of Mercy series, and enjoyed it, so I decided to start reading another series by her.  Nerves of Steel is the first book in a four book series starring Cassandra Hart (An ER doctor) and Mickey Drake (a Detective).  The series is called Hart & Drake for obvious reasons.  My main draw to CJ Lyon’s books is that they take place in Pittsburgh.

In this book, the main characters are trying to solve a run of OD cases using Fentanyl.  They end up falling in love along the way, but I think that was a bit of a given.  However, it is an interesting case.  They have to find out who’s stealing the medication from the hospital and selling it to drug addicts who are dying from it.

There are three more books in the series, although I don’t have the middle two, just this one and the last one which I plan on reading soon.  However I do recommend it to people who like romance novels, mysteries and seeing Pittsburgh show up.

I also like the high amount of female characters involved in the actual case solving roles.  Besides the main character, there are several nurses, a social worker, a pharmacy tech, a detective and a Police commander all involved in trying to solve this case.



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