Bookit Review: The Cinderella Arrangement II

Title: The Cinderella Arrangement II*
Author: Vanessa Waltz
Release Date: May 2016*

*Apparently this book is actually two books being re-released as one.  I can’t find release dates for the original versions, and they aren’t listed as seperate anywhere I can find other then the introduction to this ebook.  Part One is located here.

My Review:

The second novella in this book was much better with follow through and character development then its predecessor but still made me think a good editor would have been handly.

Also she seemed to skip time in bits so it was sometimes startling to go from one scene to another, and noticing that some time had gone missing.  Sometimes it was explained away with a summery of what had happened in between but sometimes there was no explination.

However, it was not bad, just a little rough.  I think a good editor and perhaps some more attention to character development will make this book a good lazy sunday read.

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