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Bookit Review: Memory of Us

Title: The Memory of Us
Author: Camille Di Maio
Publication Date: May 31st, 2016  (Kindle Unlimited copy)
Grade: A-

The Memory of Us is the debut novel from Camille Di Maio, and is quite a good one in my opinon.  The story is of Julianne Westcott, a woman growing up in Pre-war Liverpool.  Julianne falls in love with Kyle, a gardner who she meets while visiting her brother in the hospital. Kyle falls in love in return, which changes his life as he was intending to become a priest.

However the two of them have obsticles to face, from her family, the war, and her guilt over taking him away from the church.   The story is told only from her point of view, so we are limited in what we know about the motivations of those around her, or how they react to some of her choices when she decides to cut off contact with her family.

The book kept me interested through out, which I sometimes find trouble with with some of the books I’ve been getting through the KU subscription.  While it has its issues like any other book (I wish we had seen other point of views, more about her brother, and a longer epilogue) they are minor and I believe anyone who enjoys historical romances (or romance novels in general) will enjoy this book.

I am certianly putting Di Maio on my list of authors to look for in the future.


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