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Bookit Review: At Last

Title: At Last
Author: Barbara Bretton
Published: March 21, 2013  (Kindle Version)
Grade: C

I got this book because it had a second book in its series available on Kindle Unlimited, and this one was being offered for a time free (At the time of this writing, I believe it is still being offered free on Kindle if you are interested).  So I can’t say I really bought it, but I also didn’t get it through Kindle Unlimited as I did the next book.

My expecatations might have been a little high going into this.  I love reading second chance romances.  The main characters, Gracie Taylor and Noah Chase, were engaged as high school sweethearts, but Gracie got some news (and a secret) that made her break it off and run out of town.  Years later she returns to her hometown for her father’s wedding and runs into Noah.

The prologue takes place when Gracie leaves town, and the first chapter brings us to six year old Gracie.  Half the book is setting the scene really, telling us about their relationship up to that point.  How things were with their familes and those who they went to school with (some become important down the road).  I found this hard to get into, because I wanted to go straight to them solving their problems.

I feel that the backstory could have been shortened, or perhaps interspaced with chapters of current day.  The current day storyline seemed to be very short and resolved quicker then you would expect.

The author doesn’t seem like a bad writer.  It feels almost like she just wanted to get this story out of her head, and had more of the romance in high school then when they reunite years down the road.  Which is why I continued on to the second book in this series, and am reading another series by her.

This book is good for those who love long backstories, teen romance, or just want a fluffy romance to read.  It does have sex-scenes, but not quite as much as most romances seem to have these days.



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