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Bookit Review: Girls of Summer

Title: Girls of Summer (Sheltor Rock Cove #2)
Author: Barbara Bretton
Published June 19, 2013 (originally Published 2003; Free copy via Amazon Kindle Store)
My Grade:  B

This novel was indeed better than the first one in the series.  It’s a bit more consistent with the timing, there is an actual story going out outside the fluffy romance stuff.

In this story we revisit Hall, Annie’s friend from the first novel who was in love with her for twenty-some years but had the worst timing because she fell in love before he could get up the courage to tell her.  Well, in this book he finally realises his feelings for Annie are never going to be returned.  He’s slowly getting over her at last, but it gets a little tangled as he starts to figure out that he has feelings for his work partner Ellen.

One of the things I found odd about this story is where it starts.  It starts a few years after the last book.  But it also starts after Ellen and Hall have a one-night-stand following a christening of Annie & Sam’s youngest child.

Their relationship seems to just happen while Ellen’s story continues.  So it continues to feel like there is more to the story like with other Bretton books.  However I did enjoy the side plots.  Also not sure what the title has to do with anything in the books other then the fact that it might be summer at one point.

There seems to be options for more in this series, but I can’t find a third book.


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