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Bookit Review: My One & Only

Title: My One & Only
Author: Terri Osburn
Publication: May 17, 2016 (Kindle Edition/Unlimited Edition)
Grade:  B

This is the third book in Ms Osburn’s Ardent Springs Series, and I reviewed the first two books earlier when I was doing my reviews on Bubblews.  Sadly since that website is down I can’t link back to those reviews, but I enjoyed the first two books and was happy to see that she had two more books (and one in the works) for this series.

In this particular one, we go to one of my favorite romance novel cliches – old friends who finally notice one another as something more than friends.  Although in this case its more they notice they might be able to take the chance more than just notice one another.   It also has a focus on a few issues.  Haleigh, the main female character, is a recovering alcoholic with relationship issues with her mother, Meredith, who has some issues of her own to overcome over the course of this novel.  Abby, the sister of Cooper (the main male character in this novel) is dealing with grief after the death of her husband and it affects the various characters in different way.  And a side plot involving a young mother trying to find her own family with the help of Haleigh, Copper and Abby and their Ardent Springs friends.

This book was enjoyable.  My only issue was the fact that sometimes the issues seemed circular.  Instead of movie along, it just repeated itself. Which I suppose, given the obstacles involved is just the way things work but sometimes It felt like we had just had this scene already.  That is why I gave it a B.   It also made Haleigh have objections to various things and then have her not explain why or it disappears later in the novel and nothing is said as to why she changed her mind.

My next bookit review is the fourth book in this series, Her Hope and Dreams which should be posted on Wednesday.  I am looking forward to the yet unpublished 5th book, which is Abby’s story, which may fill in some of the blanks of this story.



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