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TV Review: The Orville 1×12

Episode Title: Mad Idolatry 1 x12 (Season Finale?)

Original Airdate: 12/7/2017 on FOX (Watched via HULU the next day)

Grade: C

NOTE:  This is quite possibly the season finale of the Orville, which was renewed for a second season.  I am not sure if they ordered more episodes for Season 1, or if they are planning on going on shorter format series similar to other sci fi series like Doctor Who.

Notable Guest Stars

Kelly Hu (Admiral Ozawa) – Ms. Hu has appeared on numerous hit TV shows as recurring characters, as well provide voice for many comic-based animated TV shows.  You might recognize her though from X-men as Lady Deathstrike.

Brannon Braga (Director and Producer) – Also Director and Producer on Star Trek.

Notable Quotes

Alara:  But how can that happen?

Gordon:  Drugs?


It should be noted that I really dislike when sci-fi shows turn religious beliefs into being illogical/undeveloped.  I disliked it on Stargate, and I dislike it here.  That being said, this show has never really hid the fact that it believes Atheism is the future of mankind.  However, since I’m writing this review AS I watch, I’m going to try my best not to make assumptions about the plot.  But seriously, this bugs me to no end.

The show starts as usual with a comedic moment as Ed searches the ship for someone to have some off-time fun with.  His best friend is ready for bed John has a lady over, but Bortus is free.  It is here Ed gets a rather rough course in Moclan social activities.  IT also leads to another repeat story point of Ed and Kelly looking over their relationship.  And another spacial anomaly, which is getting a bit tiresome as a plot starter.

Kelly, Gordon and Issac end up investigating and then crashing.  Kelly then apparently becomes an idiot and decides that she needs to observe the local population rather then just sit tight and wait for Issac and Gordon to finish repairs.

I tried to figure out if Multiphasic orbits had any version in real life science but all I can find is references to the Orville, so I’m guessing this is their own brand of techno babble that sounds reasonably accurate but means nothing but something that’s a good story.  (or at least a story.  Good is yet to be seen)

What exactly is different between the group interacting and Kelly interacting?  And are we expected to believe that a 9 year old girl goes “Hey I had a cut on my forehead and Kelly healed me” and not think their daughter is seeing things?  And they got some pretty exacting marble statues considering there was only two witnesses to Kelly being there.  Like I could understand a whole religion popping up if she had done something in front of a large group of people. Or maybe become one of those “I believe they exist” type of mythological characters like Loch Ness and Mothman.  But to think a whole religion developed around a single incident with only one witness, one that evolved to include Catholic like attributes?  Even if you look at it in a non-religious way, the basis of major religions involves a lot more time with the founding member (Jesus/Mohammed/Buddha etc) to develop the core of the religion.  I honestly thought there would be more to this given the summery.


  • – Moclan Hot Potato and Bortus and Kladen’s welcoming Ed and teaching them their culture.


  • – Another spacial anomaly.   While its convientent, perhaps figure a few other methods to start a plot
  • – Kelly goes and searches out people. It’s one thing to have yourself found by other people on the planet but she actively goes out and looks around.  And doesn’t do a good job of being subtle about it.  I just think that a woman who has raised to the rank of a XO would have developed better observance skills.
  • – While I get the point they are trying to make (I think), the concept is a bit hard for me to believe.
  • – Ok, while I think they were a bit too heavy in the Ed/Kelly stuff this season, one of my least favorite things is when they think that not actively seeking a relationship with someone is somehow going to make it easier for them to make decisions without considering that person.


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