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Bookit Review: My Fake Valentine

Title: My Fake Valentine (Holiday High Series #1)

Author: Kellie McAllen

Bookit # 12

Publication date January 17, 2018
Format: Kindle Unlimited Ebook

This was another find via the Kindle Unlimited. I have tended to avoid Teen romance for awhile because I got stuck with a few bad ones in the past that promoted some really bad ideals as far as relationships go. But I figured I would give this series a chance.

It was enjoyable. Not the best I’ve ever read, and there were moments I wondered about the parents of these teens that they were able to do some of these things. However, the characters are all 16 and older, so its not quite as bad as if they were younger.

The only big issue I had with the book was the element of academic cheating. It seemed it was considered less of a deal by the various people outside the Principal who actually seemed to go further then needed. I also think a bit more development between the various characters would have been an improvement. Some of the developments seem sudden.

Still, I give the read a B-. I’m going to read the sequels Good Luck Charm and April Fools’ Joke next and see how I think of the series as a whole.


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