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The Orville: Primal Urges

Episode Title: Primal Urges (2×02)
Original Airdate: January 3 (watched via Hulu at a later date)
Grade: B-

Notable Guest Stars/Directors:
Kelly Hu (Admiral Osawa) – I recognized her as China White, a recurring villain on CW’s Arrow
Gavin Lee (Henry Park) – He is a recurring character that for some reason I thought was dead.

Notable Quotes:
“You have had enough injections” – Klyden
“I see.  It is pertinent that you are in therapy.”
– Issac


This episode is an awkward yet hilarious one.  Personally I found it a little too close to Seth McFarlene’s usual sense of humor which I don’t usually go for, but it stayed on the side of dealable so I am giving it a B.

There are two main plot lines in this episode, as usual.  The larger plot involves Bortus.  Bortus has been conflicted about his relationship with Klyden since the events of their child’s operation to make him into the moclan male.  He ends up going for holographic porn for his sexual needs rather then with his husband.  This causes problems all around, but particularly in his marriage.  

While this is escalating, the rest of the crew are trying to save a stranded people left on a planet about to be devoured by their sun.  Complications abound between environmental concerns that leave the people who can assist limited to two people – Bortus and Issac – as well as time. It is made worse when Bortus’ new porn game has infected the ship’s computer with a virus.   Everyone is uncomfortable with this except for Dann, really.

I find it interesting that Claire is the therapist.  I’m not sure if this suggests that as CMO she is also the chief mental health officer or perhaps she was chosen because she is a senior officer along with Bortus.  I always did like that TNG had Troi as a counselor, even if they made her be essentially a pretty lamp half the time.  It brings into context also the differences between the Moclans and humans.


  • Alien Culture exploration
  • Klyden Snark
  • Ed & Kelly’s reaction to being the example of a poor marriage
  • Orville mental health services.


  • Well, for Bortus it was Moclan Divorce
  • Borderline awkward humor


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