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Review: The Orville 2×06

 Episode Title: A Happy Refrain
Original Airdate: January 31, 2019 (watched Later via Hulu)
Grade: B-
Notable Guest Stars/Directors:

Actually, this episode is remarkably stuck with its main characters and reoccuring ones.   I suppose, after looking at the Trivia section on IMDB a special mention should be made for Mark Graham who is the music director for the show and has a brief acting credit as the conductor at the symphony.

Notable Quotes:

Lt. Gordon Malloy: We are, without a doubt, the weirdest ship in the fleet.


So this episode I found a little weird.  Its very ship centered, which probably helped save the budget since they were just on sets premade.  Most of the cast was reoccuring or main.  None of that is the weird part of it.  THe weird part is the plot A of Claire finding herself amourous of Issac.  I just felt uncomfortable with it most of the time.  Although by the end I found it slightly adorable how much Issac was trying.  Still, the relationship as a whole does not appeal to me.  

The second part of this episode was dealing with other characters interpersonal relationships.  Such as seeing Gordon and John off duty in the bowling alley simulation.  Or Gordon convincing Bortus to grow a mustache (Klyden did not approve.).  It also showcased friendships between the crew members as they interact together, be it romantic or platonic.

I love the idea of a traveling symphony.  Also this show really likes to pick on my love for classic Films.  Singing in the Rain is a movie I love.  It did sound like an advertisement for That’s Entertainment 3000.  (the MGM clip film series).

Gordon’s quote above really fits this episode.  Its not a horrible episode, but I think my dislike of the couple featured dulls it for me.


  • Ed/Kelly references without being hit over the head with the ship
  • Issac being confused
  • Singing in the Rain (love that movie)
  • Off-duty crew moments
  • Crew friendship


  • I don’t really like the idea of Issac/Claire.  
  • Rain on the bridge?  How is this not shorting everything out.  How did they get holographic screens there?  (At least I assume its holographic – see the second question).


Singing in the Rain 1952.


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