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Writing Wednesday

Today’s Prompt: “I think the room is bugged.” (Source)


“I think the room is bugged.”

“What?” Elena looked up from her luggage at her friend who was staring oddly at the hotel room coffee table slash phone stand.

“I think the room is bugged.”


“Listening devices.”

“What on earth for?” She turned her attention back to trying to find her pair of blue socks. They were her lucky socks and she wanted them for tomorrow. She was giving a presentation on planetary shifts in the last millenia and she needed all the luck she could gather.

“State secrets. She looked up once again, Gretchen was now on the floor picking at something underneath the stand.

“We know state secrets?” She decided the socks could wait. Her friend’s mental health needed to be accessed. The closest thing to a state secret she knew was a map of Sheetz Locations in the states off the top of her head. She was pretty sure that wasn’t worth bugging her hotel room.

“No, but maybe whoever here last, did.” Gretchen came out from under the stand holding up a small metal object. Elena blinked. Stepping closer it did look like a headphone piece.

She didn’t know what was worse….the thought that she had the same room as a person who was important enough to spy on, or that the hotel cleaning services hadn’t found the supposed bug.


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