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The Rewatch: 43 The Immunity Syndrome

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 2.18 The Immunity Syndrome (01-19-68)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status:  0/20/43

Notable Guest Stars:
 This episode was entirely ship/crew based. All the guest stars are the returning minor background officers like Lt. Kyle.


This episode proves that Starfleet academy graduates, or at least the computers, should have a good record of events from the past.  Apparently only geeky kids like Will Riker look up the old Kirk logs to learn about the past.  Clearly, he missed this one though.

The Enterprise is still boldy going, exploring new worlds, when Spock learns all 400 Vulcans on the USS Intrepid have died at once (Do Vulcans have the force?) McCoy doesn’t quite understand and for the first time ever I think their banter is meant to hurt.

Meanwhile Chekov has found a whole solar system has suddenly died, and of course the Enterprise must investigate.  Only the further they investigate, the more problems occur, including most of the crew getting dizzy.

 I find this odd because Spock is a bit emotional in this episode in comparison to normal.  He and McCoy’s usually teasing bickering has turned more serious. He is more pessimistic in his deliveries.

At the end of the episode, everyone would like a vacation without a power draining space amoeba.

Despite Spock’s depression I over all enjoyed this episode.  I will also laugh when I get to the TNG episode where they once again find a hole in space and no one has a clue what to do about it.  Its been awhile since I saw the episode, so I wonder if a similar ending happens.

Interesting Notes:

  • Directed by Joesph Pevney
  • Written by Robert Sabaroff


  •  Spock and McCoy have equal show in this.  Too often this show becomes too Kirk-centric.  One of the things I like about the later shows is that they were more ensemble even if the Captain remained the center character.


  •   Spock is such a pessimist in this episode.
  • This episode is why we need Deanna Troi and Ezri Dax.


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