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The Rewatch 63: Elaan of Troyius

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.13  Elaan of Troyius (12-20-68)
Rating: 3/5
Redshirt Status: 0/3/49

Notable Guest Stars:
France Nuyen – Elaan.  You might remember her as Liat in South Pacific.
Jay Robinson –
Ambassador Petri. Starred in the film The Robe.
Tony Yong
– Kryton.  He had a recurring role in Gunslinger.


The Enterprise is sent to Elaas to transport their Dohlman Elaan to the planet of Troyius for her wedding to the Troyan King.  It is to create peace between the two worlds and help sure up the Federation hold on the area.

Apparently Uhura is forced to vacate her quarters to make it available to the Dohlman.  Which I find odd.  They don’t have diplomatic quarters> Who had to vacate to house the Ambassador? I guess that is one thing they fixed in later versions of the ship.  They have various VIP quarters for unexpected guests.

Christine Chapel gets the dubious honor of asking why Elassan men are attracted to the women when they are so vicious.  Well, given the men are equally as arrogant I don’t see why they wouldn’t.  Elaan has some definite manner issues but it appears culturally appropriate given her guards non-surprise at her actions.  But surprise so surprise, Elassan women have magical eye ducts to enslave men’s hearts because there is no way else, they would find a mate.

Can you hear my sarcastic appraisal? I’m trying to put away my annoyance at women being considered unattractive if they are not docile.

This episode is very awkward for me to watch. The main plot is teaching Elaan to adjust to her new home. Kirk becomes her teacher and becomes addicted to her thanks to her tears.  She feels herself in love with him which I don’t know if I totally believe that.

The secondary plot is the Klingons trying to destroy the enterprise, disrupt the wedding which would lead to peace and keep themselves in control of the area, which is high in dilithium crystals.

This episode does have Spock commenting that Kirk had been “infected” by the Enterprise long before he was infected by Elaan’s tears, so he had already been cured. It has the first time they really suggest that Kirk has a strong connection to just the ship, which is pretty much a major theme throughout the entire movie series.

Although on that subject…why do the tears work the same on Kirk as they would on an Elassan.  He’s a different species.

Interesting Notes:

  • Directed by John Meredyth Lucas
  • Written by John Meredyth Lucas
  • This is the only episode that is written and directed by the same person.
  • Last aired episode with Eddie Paskey as Lt. Leslie, one of the familiar background crewpeople.
  • Vaguely inspired by The Taming of the Shrew.


  •  William Shatner doesn’t do too badly in this episode.


  •  Elaan’s outfit looks so uncomfortable.  I hope it wasn’t actually as uncomfortable as it looks.


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