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The Rewatch 65: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.15 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (01-10-1969)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/3/49

Notable Guest Stars:
Frank Gorshin- Commissioner Bele.  He is another Batman series Alum.
Lou Antonio –
Lokai. He is known for his role in films such as Cool Hand Luke.


 Ariannus has been attacked by a bacterial infection and Enterprise is sent to help out by decontamination.  On the way, they come across a shuttle that had been stolen from Starbase 4 recently.

On board the shuttle, in bad shape, is a man with a spilt color scheme on his skin from Cheron.  His name is pronounced Low Ky rather then Loki which is a bit disappointing, but we are going to move on.  He’s not very helpful, which annoys Kirk a bit.

Kirk’s bad day continues as they come across an invisible ship.  The sensors can detect it but no one can see it.  Turns out he has stumbled onto a civil war.  Which annoys him.

Turns out they finally got some guest quarters for visitors. Commissoner Bele causes even more problems when he telepathically (I assume takes over the ship.  Although this allows to see the Enterprise self-destruct function in its first use. Kirk gives the order, and Spock and Scotty also give their codes.  Once again this supports that Scotty is the second officer/third in command.  I do find it odd that Spock identifies as Science officer in this rather then first officer or executive officer.

Cheron society is very advanced for a society so spilt.  This episode is obviously about how racial hate can divide and eventually destroy us.  The sixties were a active time for the Civil Rights movement so it was time-appropriate if a bit heavy in the symbolism.

The fact that the episode ends with Bele and Lokai in an endless battle as the last of their people afer everyone else has destroyed themselves is probably one of the few times Star Trek doesn’t end with a usually upbeat manner.  Its not my favorite episode, but it was well acted.

Interesting Notes:

  • Directed by Jud Taylor
  • Written by Lee Cronin (story/Gene L.Coon) Oliver Crawford)
  • This is the last episode Gene L. Coon was involved in.
  • First appearance of the Self-Destruct system/
  • This was first outlined as a possibly story by Barry Trivers for Season 1, but eventually put on the back burner till season 3 to help reduce costs as the budget had been reduced.
  • Its been enough episodes now, but I’m pretty sure the swing of the captain’s chair is new for season 3.


  •  First use of the Self-Destruct
  • Interesting use of the ship and different camera angles.


  •    The red alert camera action was totally not necessary.
  • Black facepaint should probably have been more matte.


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