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The Rewatch 67: That Which Survives

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.17  That Which Survives (01-24-1969)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 3/6/55

Notable Guest Stars:
Lee Marriweather – Losira.  She was Miss America, and would later star on Barnaby Jones.
Arthur Batanides
– Lt. D’Amato
Booker Bradsaw –
Dr. M’Benga
Kenneth Washiington – Engineeer
John B. Watkins


   The Enterprise finds a planet that defys explanation. Ergo we venture onto said planet to explore.  Kirk takes Sulu, a geologist Lt. D’Amato, and McCoy with his away team.  The only one that makes sense is Lt. D’Amato.  Sulu perhaps, maybe it was his turn to have field experience. McCoy doesn’t make sense at all considering his specialty is medical science rather the biology.

As soon as they get into the transportation stream stuff start going wrong.  A woman appears and kills the transporter operator, and as soon as they get out of the stream an earthquake sends them tumbling while it sends Enterprise flying across the galaxy.

This episode is not one of the strongest, but it does have some interesting points. I’m more interested in Scotty and Spock’s investigation then Kirk’s investigation of the planet.  I feel almost like they could have been two episodes.

It also has a disjointed ending.  It skips over a few things, and leaves a few questions.  Shouldn’t the team be wondering about this deadly organism? Is it dead?

Interesting Notes:

  • Directed Herb Wallerstein
  • Written by Michael Richards (D.C.Fontana)
  • This is the last episode where a crewperson dies, it is also the highest death toll in this season.
  • Last episode to have no stardate.
  • Several reuses of prior sets


  •  Dr. M’Benga is back!
  • Lt. Rhada.  Its been awhile since they had a female pilot.


  •  Again, what is she wearing because it does not look comfortable in any way.  Her top doesn’t look like it has adequate support and there are a lot of unnecessary tabs. I’m used to some odd clothes on this show, but lately its gotten worse. At least she’s not a romantic interest for Kirk.
  • This is a weird way for the computer defenses to work.
  • Awkward ending


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