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The Rewatch 77: The Search for Spock

Star Trek: The Search for Spock (1984)
Rating: PG
My Grade: B

Notable Guest Stars:

Christopher Lloyd – Lord Kruge.  Its Doc Brown.  If you don’t know who Doc Brown is, get yourself to the streaming sites and rent Back to the Future.  Or Angels in the Outfield.  Also a good movie.  One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest is also considered pretty good by critics (but I don’t care for it).
Merritt Butrick – David Marcus  – His second appearance in Trek, his last as David Marcus.
Dame Judith Anderson – T’Lar.  She took the role for her nephew who urged her to.
Robin Curtis – Lt. Saavik.
Mark Lenard – Sarek.  This is his third appearance in the role.  He would continue to play this character into the TNG series.
Miguel Ferrer – First Officer of the Excelsior.  I know him from Crossing Jordan and didn’t even catch that he was in the movie till I read the cast list.  He’s also known for his role in NCIS: LA.
John Larroquette – Maltz.  He was known for his role on Night Court, and he also appeared as a charismatic spy on Chuck.
Grace Lee Whitney – She’s credited as ‘Woman in Cafeteria, but lets face it:  She’s Janice Rand.


The Search for Spock was not as good as its direct predecessor, but it has its own merits.  It is the story of The Enterprise crew caring for their own.

I can summerize the film in two paragraph.  Sarak arrives at Kirk’s home, insistant that Kirk has Spock’s katra.  It seems however it is not Kirk, but McCoy who has it.  And its been driving McCoy a little batty.  Kirk takes the rest of the crew and they willingly disobey direct orders from the head of Starfleet to take the Enterprise and go save Spock.  Meanwhile David & Saavik are stationed at the genesis planet (built on Khan’s rage) and find it rapidly changing.  They find Spock as regenerated, starting as a child and regrowing up.  

On their way to find Spock’s body & the other two, Kirk & the Enterprise crew find themselves fighting Klingons led by Kluge.  Kluge has been having a bad week and just wants the Genesis information. He’s blown up the Grissom, and he ends up leading to the explosion of the Enterprise’s self destruct.  Which I think is the only time we actually see one manned and used.  Eventually Kirk wins the battle, throwing Kluge into a vat of lava ala Smegol.  He and the others take over the Klingon ship and sail off to Vulcan to put Spock back into his own body.

This movie was neutral.  It wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t amazing.  It definately ranks higher then the motion picture.  The actors all did an amazing job.  My only issue with the movie really is two things.

The first is the Pon Farr scene.  I’m really not fond of it, and I don’t understand why when he’s developing at such a rate he really would go into pon farr.  But I suppose they felt it necessary.  I just found it creepy.

My second issue is David Marcus’ death.  David is only with us a short period, and not enough to really feel any depth of connection with him.  He dies heroically but the battle still seemed anticlimatic.  It made it appear it was more to give Kirk something else to angst over rather then for the story itself.

Positive things about this film is seeing little bits of the indiviusal characters appearing.  We learn that Chekov should never be allowed to shop for his clothes alone,  Sulu likes his silks, Bones likes to play with cocktails, and Scotty is a bit more mischievious in this film then before.  Uhura is a professional, but she is a bad ass professional. 

I also like the fact that as the film series continues we get to delve more and more into Starfleet’s ranks.  We see other ships, other designs, other captains.  We are also seeing the designs become more like the TNG designs.

So overall this is a good movie, just not spectacular. 

Interesting Notes:

  • Directed by Leonard Nimoy
  • Written and produced by Harve Bennett


  •  Excellent casting
  • Uhura being badass
  • Sulu being badass


  • David’s death felt anticlimactic.
  • The Pon Farr Scene


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