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Bookit Review 21.1 Cupids Anonymous

Ah, fresh book reviews. I’m once again doing Bookit, and once again going to attempt to review the books I read. Also, I am going to try to very the genres I read as well. Lately its been mostly romance novels and novellas (as is this review) but I’m going to be reading more non-fiction and perhaps some non-romance sci fi as well. I’ve also joined a book club and shall be giving my thoughts on books someone else choose for me.

Now onto today’s review:

Title: Cupids Anonymous (Cupids #1)
Author: Lila Monroe
Published: July 16, 2019 – Kindle Edition.
Final grade: 3.5

So I have to make a confession. This was an accidental buy. I was looking at the summery of the book, found the idea interesting, and went to add it to my Amazon book wish list for later decision making.

Instead I accidently hit buy all on the series page and now have four books to read. While I didn’t plan on spending the money I did, I shrugged it off. After all, I was considering reading this one anyway. And I don’t feel like I wasted the money.

The premise of the novel is that the main lady – Poppy – has a job where she writes love notes, letters and whatever the love lorn need to show their significant other their apology or simply their love. Not the usual job one would have, but most of the main characters of this series have unsual jobs.

The leading gentlemen is Dylan, one of Poppy’s long lasting clients. The two have built a relationship through Dylan’s constant need of Poppy’s way with words. In particular Dylan wants help impressing a high school crush of his.

The story overall is a little awkward. It feels like we missed the first half of the movie. A trend I have seen lately is that people seem to realise their romantic feelings for one another because all of a sudden they are put into a situation where the sexual aspect of their relationship takes off. Which is fine.

I do however wish that the emotional side was explored a tad bit more. That however could simply be personal taste. I do like steamy romance, particularly ones with good banter, and this book does grant that. But there just seems so much more to the story that we didn’t get to hear before the story ever started.

Particularly with Dylan.

This is a series, so perhaps its not wise to judge a story when there is more to come. I do plan on reading the other four books I now own so I can get a better idea of the style of this writer. I feel I have read her before, but according to goodreads, I have not.

As a side note, the books I have all have covers with similar styles and matching fonts, which is not the same as all the covers that are appearing on the Goodreads list.

Right now as I write this, I’m in the middle of book four (Breakup Artist), so I’ll have at least 3 more reviews of this series. The stories range in how well they can keep me enthralled, and I’ll talk more about that when I review each book.


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