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The Rewatch 125: Shades of Grey

Series: Star Trek:TNG
Episode: 2.22 Shades of Gray (7-17-1989) SEASON FINALE
Rating:  3/5
Redshirt Status: 0/18.5/21.5

Notable Guest Stars:

…everyone has literally been here before.


Today we present…. a clip episode.  This episode is not uncommon in television, and usually for the same reason this episode was made this way: Budgeting.

Its hard to review an episode that is 90% clips of previous episodes and 10% staring at Will Riker almost dying from a scratch. On the bright side, I get my Imzadi fix, but I know Marina Sirtis probably would have liked better then to just stand there with various faces of worry and fear, and Jonathan Frakes probably would have preferred to not have to lie on a bed with sticks appearing out of his head.

It is unique among TNG because this is the only clip show they ever had to make.  But if you want someone to blame for this one, blame the Borg.  They used up quite a bit of the budget for that episode as well as Elementary, Dear Data. So the Borg and Moriarty. 

I used to joke that “when in doubt, blame the Romulans” but I think I’m going to change that to Moriarty.

However, if you need a recap of the last two seasons and and Riker’s character development, I suppose this this could be considered a good episode to use.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Maurice Hurley
  • Directed by Rob Bowman
  • This is the last script contribution from Maurice Hurley
  • Took 3 days to film the new material.
  • I reached this on July 15, so its almost to its 31st anniversary.  (I posted it in February. Dear lord, how behind did I get???)


  • Riker character analysis I suppose.


  • Nothing really stands out in this episode.

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