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The Rewatch 158: Final Mission

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 4.09 Final Mission (11/19/1990)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/0/33

Notable Guest Stars:

Nick Tate (Dirgo)
Kim Hamilton (Songi)


Those of you following along might notice that I skipped episode 8.  I am not a fan of Future Imperfect and decided I wasn’t going to force myself to watch an episode.  This is for fun, and if I force myself to watch episodes its not going to be fun anymore.

So, here we are, going to Episode 9 instead.  We have a Wesley episode, this time his farewell as a main character. Wil Wheaton went onto other things, and Wesley FINALLY gets to get his higher education.

I feel like this may be Wesley’s best episode because he must try. In a lot of Wesley’s episodes, he’s basically the wonderkid.  He comes up with a last-minute solution that saves the day, or is the one to figure out there was a problem to begin with despite there being several more experienced space travelers around. It always seems to come easily to him.

In this episode however, he is shown more like an officer.  He has (finally) been given a proper uniform, for one so he looks the part.  This probably should have happened a season or two ago.  He also has to work his way through a problem because everyone is relying on his experience and knowledge to save the day. It isn’t automatic, and there is time shown to have passed.

It was a good send off for Wesley and Wil Wheaton.

Its also an interesting episode, because it is another example of how sometimes the Captain (or XO) has to put the needs of many ahead of the needs of the few when Riker has to decide to help Gamelan instead of immediately going after the lost ship.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Kasey Arnold-Ince
  • Directed by Corey Allen (who also directed four other TNG episodes, and four DS9.)
  • This episode was written specifically to get Wesley a good sendoff.


  • Wesley gets to act more like an officer then a wonder kid.  And it is about time he got to the Academy he’s been trying to get into it for three years.
  • I like the difference between the first episode and this episode in regard to Wes & Picard’s relationship.


  •  I find Dirgo to be vastly annoying.

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